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Gyrotonic exercise is a unique fitness discipline that draws from yoga, tai chi, swimming, and dance. Developed by Juliu Horvath, the Gyrotonic method utlitizes circular, flowing movements, which blend together rhythmically. These exercises allow each movement to flow into the next, allowing the joints, muscles and limbs to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression.  Gyrotonic exercises use three-dimensional, circular movement, simultaneously stretching and strengthening the muscles and muscle attachments.


Gyrotonic exercise invites you to move, breathe and expand into your full self. The system calms and invigorates your mind, body and spirit so that you experience a feeling of freedom in your body, connecting the body and spirit, while also freeing the mind. 

Gyrotonic exercise is performed on unique and beautiful equipment that offers both support and resistance. Exercising on the equipment provides benefits similar to yoga and swimming, producing long lean and strong muscles. Exercises include arching, curling, spiraling, and undulating movements and combined with breath, rhythm and flow. 

These exercises can be adapted to fit all abilities. People from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes, dancers, working professionals, senior citizens, and people with disabilities practice the Gyrotonic method.


After a session with Gyrotonic equipment, clients immediately report feeling taller and stronger. The most frequently reported changes in the body include postural improvement and awareness. The foundation of the Gyrotonic Method is a profound sense of stability and strength in the low back created by its focus on abdominal and core strength. The result is decreased incidence of injury and low-back pain. Regular Gyrotonic exercise will strengthen and lengthen your body with an energizing workout from head to toe. Ongoing Gyrotonic sessions complement other fitness activities, and help to prevent sore muscles and strains. Gyrotonic training is used worldwide in rehabilitative settings as well, making the system beneficial and enjoyable for everyone!


Featured Equipment - 

The Pulley Tower

The Pulley Tower uses counter balanced weights in a pulley system to provide support for the body as well as balanced resistance throughout the movements.  The balanced support and resistance of the handles, cables and pulleys develop muscles that are generally ignored in standard exercise approaches, allowing your body to move in ways offered by no other exercise methods.

The Pulley Tower supports the full and natural range of motion of the joints, allowing for three-dimensional, spherical, functional movements, and eliminating the linear starts and stops where injuries can occur.  

For more info. about the Gyrotonic Method, and to see the Pulley Tower in motion, visit the GYROTONIC® website.

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